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Local History

Angus Hotel

The Angus Hotel is a fine example of Georgian architecture and would have been built around the 1830s.

The current owners have run the hotel for over 40 years, but the building has been used as lodgings or a guesthouse for over 100 years. The Angus Hotel underwent major works in 2013 to bring it up to the demands of the modern traveller.

Kings Cross

People have lived in the Kings Cross area for many hundreds of years, in an area that used to be known as Battle Bridge. In 1836 a 60ft high statue of King George IV was erected at the major ‘crossroads’ which resulted in the area being known as ‘King’s Cross’.

However don’t go looking for the statue as it provoked such unfavourable criticism that the whole structure was torn down within 10 years.

In 1851 Kings Cross railway station was built, followed by St. Pancras railway station 15 years later. Both stations are London landmarks and contribute the lively atmosphere of the area.